Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a passport? Passports are distributed at the MultiFaith Banquet and at the Picnic.  If you would like a Passport, contact

Do I have to fill all of the entries in order to win? No more than you need to visit every country in the world when using a national passport.  Every visit is another growth in understanding.  Every traveler is a winner!

How does my group become listed as a Destination? Any faith group or diversity organization that welcomes visitors to at least some of its events may be a Passport Destination.  Please contact us at with the information in our current listings on the Destinations page - Name of organization, Contact person and email or phone, address, and your visitor policy or certain events that you especially welcome visitors.

I had a really great experience at an event.  I entered it into my Passport.  How can I share my experience with others. Please share your experiences in the Guest Book.  If there is enough interest, we may start a more complete Passport Blog.  We will all celebrate our journeys at the next Annual Banquet.