Your MultiFaith Passport is your very own souvenir of a personal MultiFaith Journey.  Passports are distributed at the Annual MultiFaith Banquet.  Passports are also available at Toledo Area Ministries, 444 Floyd St., Toledo, OH 43620, 419-242-7401 and at our picnic.  Passport holders are encouraged to

  • Attend MFC events, Erase the Hate events, interfaith/multifaith events.
  • Visit diverse faith institutions.
  • Make a journal entry and color a ‘stamp’ to commemorate each visit.
  • Your completed passport will be a wonderful souvenir of your unique MultiFaith journey.
  • Attend the next MultiFaith Banquet to communally celebrate our journeys

See the Destinations Page for suggested destinations for your personal MultiFaith Journey to increased understanding of your diverse neighborsSee the Events Sections for Upcoming Events.